About the institute

S.D.R.C. - The security and defence research center for International Relations is an independent think-tank based in Goriza/Italy. Its interdisciplinary research is conducted in a spirit of total academic freedom. Drawing on the expertise of its own research fellows, as well as that of external specialists, both Italian and foreign.

Benefiting from the role of Gorizia in the global arena and from the prestigious setting of the strategic position close to Slovenia and Austria, the Institute offers an ideal forum to visiting Professionals, Accademicians and representatives of international organisations, foreign ministers and other political figures. Conferences, colloquia and seminars nurture the work of the research fellows. They also give participants the opportunity to exchange views with other specialists and with a well-informed public made up of representatives of the political, economic and academic spheres, the media and civil society.

Along with research and meetings, the Institute has also developed specialised training activities, both in Gorizia and abroad. It can, on request, offer specific programmes for visiting and resident diplomats and foreign professionals. Close cooperation with other research centres, both in Gorizia, in Europe and beyond has proved to be mutually beneficial and enriching.