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Marinates Military - 30° Naval Group: it stops to Maputo between humanitarian activity and naval cooperation

It stops to Maputo, in Mozambique, for the 30° Naval Group composed by the aircraft carrier Cavour, the rifornitrice of team Etna, the rubbing Bergamini and the pattugliatore Borsini that, from on January 24 to February 1°, you/they have assembled their activities on the humanitarian assistance, focal mission during the circumnavigation of Africa within the Naval Country "The System Country in movement", in collaboration with Operation Smile Italy Onlus, Foundation Francesca RAVA NPH and Nurse Voluntary of the Italian Red Cross.

The standstill has seen the presence of the Head of is Great of the Marina, Admiral of Team Joseph De Giorgi, that a historian has initialed technical accord of Naval Cooperation with the Marina of Mozambique, that foresees the employment of ship Commander Borsini for the two month-old duration