Born in Nkambe, Cameroon in 1976, He have lived in the northeast of Italy for the last 9 years where he works as a train Cultural Mediator at the Cara Refugee Center. As a volunteer,he teaches English language , Cultural awareness and Geopolitics at the Università della terza età di Gorizia. He holds a Masters degree in International Peace Operator from the University of Trieste – and a Degree of Associate in Computer Programming and Information Technology from Eastern Mediterranean University of Northern Cyprus.

Currently he is a PhD candidate in Defence studies - University of Ljubljana. His research interest is “Cultural awareness in the EU's CSDP Missions”. His other international experience includes Internal Displaced Persons assistance in Koukou Angarana, of eastern Chad as Assistant Protection Officer for an NGO, Intersos.

He has participated in various NATO, UN, EU and ICRC trainings: CIMIC Basic, CIMIC Liason, CIMIC High Command, UN-CMCoord course, ICRC H.E.L.P course (Health Emergency in Large Populations), and ESCD SSR ( Security Sector Reform),he recently participated at the 2nd CSDP strategy annual workshop “CSDP strategy: Priorities and Problems”, hosted by the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands.

He is a member of the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy(ICD) in Berlin-Germany,The academic association for contemporary european studies (UACES) in London-UK, Young Professionals in Foreign Policies(YPFP) Brussel-Belgium and in the FVG registry for Cultural Mediators in Italy.